Thanks to Qoovee, I earned money for my mom’s surgery” – a success story

Dildora, an entrepreneur from Uzbekistan (a wholesale supplier of shoe covers, blankets and pillows), shared her touching story of how to do business on the marketplace and how she run business before and after Qoovee.

“Before meeting Qoovee, it was very difficult to find customers, because not everyone is familiar with my products, I used to explain the advantages of my product to everyone, one by one.

In order to find customers, I had to carry heavy bags, find contacts of potential clients at various resources, and arrange meetings.

I had one big deal on Qoovee, it could have been more, due to my mother is seriously ill, I could not actively sit and engage with clients. I lacked a large amount of money for the surgery of my mother, and thanks to this particular deal and my regular customers, I was able to save up the money. And at the moment we are preparing for the operation.

I am very grateful to Qoovee for their contribution to the welfare of me and society.

Below I present my comparison of my business before and after starting to work with Qoovee: “