Global Online Expo

GLOBAL ONLINE EXPO is a B2B exhibition where hundreds of thousands of companies from over 100 countries will present their products and services, abilities and innovations.

Each country will have its own virtual pavilions and catalogs of suppliers, products and services. Besides, each country will be able to present its business opportunities for investors.

The global exhibition will include 12-15 main industries.

At Global Online Expo it is expected:

  • 21 million visitors
  • 100 000  companies-exbibitors
  • 100 countries
  • 2 million products and services

The Global Online Expo mission

GLOBAL ONLINE EXPO brings together business world, countries and people, we show each other what we create for the world and for peace in it. We do not want to fight, we want to create.

Mission: Bringing business and countries together! Motto: Growth for peace!

Advantages of the Global Online Expo:

  • Target audience of suppliers and buyers
  • Online Exhibition – fast, mobile, affordable
  • International scope
  • Quick search for suppliers and buyers
  • Safe transactions


  • Agro
  • Clothes, textiles
  • Constraction
  • Medicine
  • Industrial equipment
  • Electronics
  • IT & Hi-tech
  • Auto
  • Architecture and design
  • Home & Garden
  • Health care & Beauty
  • Services for Business
    and others

How will GLOBAL ONLINE EXPO take place?

The exhibition will be held online on the and web sites.

Each country, company (exhibitor) will have a personal page  on these online sites, where they will place photos of products/ services, description, price lists, video materials, presentations, delivery conditions, contacts and other useful information.

Visitors of the exhibition will be able to contact the companies-participants with the help of feedback forms, online chat, video communication, call back ordering functions or directly on the specified contacts of the company.

How will visitors discover suppliers / participants of the GLOBAL ONLINE EXPO?

  1. With the help of the search engines within the sites, by keywords, hashtags, phrases, company name, industry, category, name of goods and services, etc.
  2. Filtering by country, industry, category, catalog, etc.
  3. Through external search engines: Google, Yandex, etc., where SEO promotion and contextual advertising will be used for special industries, categories, catalogs
  4. Direct links to industries, categories, catalogs, goods / services from other online sites, social. networks, youtube, etc.

How can you cooperate with the organizers of the Global Online Expo?

  • Become a general or official partner
  • Become an advertiser
  • Be representative in your region
  • Be co-organizer of the event from your country / region
  • Being an investor

For cooperation please contact through this form