Qoovee Logistics – a new global player in logistics

The Qoovee business platform has launched the Qoovee Logistics service.

Qoovee Logistics is a shipping worldwide.

Qoovee management regularly visits major trade and logistics cities in the world such as Hong Kong, Dubai, Istanbul, Moscow, Hamburg, and others to develop the Qoovee.com platform and explore the market.

And that’s what was discovered:

The global market for Logistics is 9 trillion $

But the players still operate in an old-school way: faxes, 20 calls a day to find out where the goods are located, a lot of paperwork with documents and many other problems.

Our team and a group of logistics professionals decided to develop a platform for logistics companies within the Qoovee.com business platform and bring innovations to this market that let businessmen save on logistics, simplify the processes in this area and contribute in developing the market.

Qoovee presents the Qoovee Logistics in the basic version.

This service will be improved and complemented by new solutions by time.

Advantages of Qoovee Logistics:

  •  Verified logistics companies
  •  Delivery and payment guarantees
  • Cargo insurance
  • Cargo Consolidation
  • Customs support
  • Consultation on the risks of arrest and confiscation of goods
  • and development of many other features, you will witness

Ship with Qoovee Logistics