What fatal mistake does a business make in a crisis?
When business go downhill, when there are fewer and fewer orders and inquiries, income is reduced, then many companies make a
Review from a member of the Government of Dubai about the trading platform Qoovee.com
“Qoovee.com is the first B2B e-marketplace that we have decided to formally partner with through our E-Trade program, which enables
How to build a career and become a participant in global changes
What do you need to develop in yourself to be in demand in the labor market? What human qualities will
How to quickly find suppliers?
In business, especially in the production and supply of products, there are often situations when suppliers fail or there is
Qoove Day! 6 years of developing global trade and bringing success!
May 12, 2022 Qoovee turned 6 years old! Although Qoovee began active development in 2017, it still started in test
Shipleo is the world’s first video and live shopping marketplace
Great news. With the participation of the wholesale platform Qoovee, a new B2C (retail) marketplace Shipleo is being prepared for
Business Meeting “Middle East –  CIS”
How to enter the Middle East market? How to find partners and clients in this market? How to promote your
Results of 2021. Qoovee development.
In 2021, Qoovee continued its dynamic growth and achieved the following results: The growth of users was +18% The amount
Qoovee and UAE National Logistics Association become partners
Qoovee signed a memorandum with NAFL – the National Association of Freight Forwarders and Logistics Companies of the UAE. Qoovee
Qoovee.com and Tinkoff Bank became partners
We are pleased to announce that Tinkoff Bank and the Qoovee.com Trading Platform have signed a cooperation agreement For Qoovee