Nothing personal, it’s just business or how modern marketplaces “eat” their sellers
Nothing personal, it’s just business. This is how Marketplaces justify themselves, which “eat” their sellers. How do they do it?
Confident deals on Qoovee: the buyer pays 100%, the supplier receives payment as the obligations are fulfilled
Make confident deals on Qoovee Conclude trade and logistics deals on the Qoovee B2B trading platform and pay for these
Online exhibition and B2B meetings on
Great news for all Qoovee users! From March 1 to March 31, 2023, Qoovee will host an Online Exhibition and
Qoovee Partners
Dubai Exports & Industries (Government of Dubai), a global trading platform for businesses, has become the first official e-trading is the largest B2B (wholesale) marketplace in Central Asia
The international trade and logistics platform has become the largest and most visited wholesale trading platform for businesses in
How to attract wholesale buyers? Exact steps
Tired of paying for clicks and views? You’re not getting the performance you need from social media ads. and advertising platforms?
“We made a deal and began to receive wholesale inquiries from all over the world” – review about Qoovee
Here is a review from DANA, a baby carrier supplier, on how they became a verified supplier on Qoovee, closed a deal,
What fatal mistake does a business make in a crisis?
When business go downhill, when there are fewer and fewer orders and inquiries, income is reduced, then many companies make a
Review from a member of the Government of Dubai about the trading platform
“ is the first B2B e-marketplace that we have decided to formally partner with through our E-Trade program, which enables
How to build a career and become a participant in global changes
What do you need to develop in yourself to be in demand in the labor market? What human qualities will