The UAE’s strategic location continues to serve its imports, exports and re-exports industry on an increasingly large scale. Its geographical position together with its world-class infrastructure and the visionary leadership the UAE has been the logistics and re-export hub for the entire Middle East.


The UAE is the third largest re-export market in the world. In this rating, only Hong Kong and Singapore showed a better result in comparison to the UAE. Trade is conducted with more than 220 countries of the world.

Re-export is a huge sector for the UAE, due to its central location and extremely competitive trade tariffs of just five percent. In 2017 re-export comprised 47.4 %, or $148.7 billion, of total foreign trade for the Emirates.

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Why re-export to the UAE?

The UAE is a kind of bridge between the Far East and Europe and the CIS countries and Africa. The Emirates are an ideal platform to enter the market, which has the following advantages:

  • More than 1.5 billion people are involved in a trade in the Gulf region, the Middle East, the CIS countries, Central Asia, and Africa;
  • More than 120 shipping lines and over 85 airlines operating in 130 international destinations are served in the UAE;
  • World-class infrastructure: business centers, specialized free zones, equipped ports and airports, road networks – all that is necessary for running a top-class international business.
  • Warehousing Capacity and Transportation
  • Favorable customs regime and absence of income tax received in the UAE

Dubai – An Ideal destination for your business

Dubai is among the top three business centers in the world, and many factors have contributed to this. The emirate, being a part of the UAE, has an extensive network of trading partners that provides investors with a huge selection of markets for a variety of goods and services, which you can explore on as well. There are 7 industrial zones, a business park, specialized international-class free trade zones, 2 seaports of high level, 2 international airports, a logistics center, etc. 

Companies from other countries enjoy the preferences of Dubai because the labeling of goods under the sign of the United Arab Emirates opens up virtually any market for business. Such a system may be of interest to businessmen from the CIS, Southeast Asia countries, in particular, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh etc.  to enter the international market avoiding various prohibitions and sanctions. – an online trade bridge between South East Asia, Europe, CIS, and MENA.

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