Become an International Business Club representative

We are looking for ambitious and active representatives for the International Business Club.

We invite you to participate in the competitive positioning for the official representative of the International Qoovee Business Club.

About Qoovee Business Club

This is an international community of business owners and top managers who come together to  co-develop their companies, gain privileges, establish business network and build a better world for all.

Qoovee Business Club is one of the Qoovee Group projects.

About Qoovee Group

The Qoovee Group companies have an extensive experience in international trade, e-commerce, cooperation with the government bodies, protection and monetization of intangible assets, and in the networking of the  business community.

It has several projects, including the global trading platform

To date, over 100,000 companies and entrepreneurs from more than 50 countries use Qoovee services monthly

The mission of Qoovee

Unite countries, businesses and people on one platform around the world making them thrive and evolve.

Advantages of Qoovee Business Club membership for business owners and top-managers:

  • Building network with executives and top-managers of companies from all around the world
  • Search for partners, investors, customers in your country and abroad
  • Advertising your services / products  among the  international business community
  • Developing your business with modern services
  • Getting unique offers for small and medium entreprises
  • Registration, protection and monetization of intangible assets
  • Business events in different countries and training from the best business consultants from all around the world
  • Access to the private club and the opportunity to invite other participants

The representative of the Club must meet the following requirements:

  • Focus on results
  • Experience in communication with company executives required
  • Negotiation and business mail conversation skills
  • High moral and ethical principles
  • Knowledge of Russian and / or English languages. Other languages are an advantage
  • Knowledge and experience in the field of b2b and Qoovee activities (advantage)
  • Presentable appearance

Representative’s responsibilities:

  • Setting up the database of entrepreneurs
  • Collection of contacts and other data on executives of companies
  • Attraction of new members to the Club
  • Consultations on the services of the Club
  • Participation in business events


Partnership conditions:

  • The representative has the right to represent the Club in different countries of the World.
  • The representative interacts with the company remotely
  • A representative can be anywhere in the world and attract, both online and offline, businessmen  to the Club from any country
  • A representative receives a fee for each registration of a new member of the Club, even if he registered for fee
  • Business leaders , chief executives can join the Club only at the invitation of current members, the Administration or the Representatives of the Club
  • A representative of the Club can take part in meetings of members and representatives of the Club in different countries of the world

Apply for participation in the competition