Qoovee’s growth outcomes for 2017

In 2017, Qoovee has become one of the most fast-growing platforms for wholesale trade in the Eurasian territory.

The project has reached the age of 1.5. The company passed the most major challenge in its history – the stage of formation.

As the main result of 2017, it can be said that Qoovee achieved its place in the sun and clearly declared its ambitions – Qoovee is the world guide of “caravans”, a platform that unites business and countries.

Financial and absolute indicators of the company are not public, but definite performances are presented here. So:

  • The client base has grown by tens of times compared to 2016
  • The number of orders, deals and transactions increased tens of times as well

Some developments and achievements of the company in 2017:

  • Qoovee presented its achievements to the Prime Minister and head of the presidential administration of Kyrgyzstan

  •  Popular media of different countries from all around the world pulished more than 100 articles and news about Qoovee. Some of them are available here
  • Qoovee Company attended the China-Kazakhstan Trade and Investment Forum. Learn More as well as the “Eurasian Week” forum in Astana. More
  • “To the world market under one brand” program has been released
  • Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan started trading on the qoovee.com trading platform

Plans for 2018

  • Setting up representative offices, dealers’ offices around the world
  • Launch new services and leverage language versions of products. One of them (Qoovee Business Club) is already available online at the pre-release version
  • Expand the client base by tens of times and achieving millions of visits on its services