Qoove Day! 6 years of developing global trade and bringing success!

May 12, 2022 Qoovee turned 6 years old!

Although Qoovee began active development in 2017, it still started in test mode on May 12, 2016. On this day in Central Asia, in the Bishkek city, the Kazakh-Kyrgyz team of Qoovee organized a business meeting on the topic of export and presented to more than 500 participants of this event a new trading platform designed to connect businesses on the Eurasian continent and the founder of Qoovee Turat Bulembaev said that Qoovee will revive and build The Great Silk Road online, where Qoovee will become a guide for “caravans” going from East to West, from West to East, from South to North and from North to South.

Participants of one of the business meetings organized by Qoovee.
Planet Q showing Qoovee’s global ambitions.

During 2016, the Qoovee team studied the market, held personal meetings with suppliers and wholesalers in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Russia, finding out their pain, difficulties and opportunities. In Moscow, at major international exhibitions, the Qoovee management and team got acquainted with suppliers from China, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Italy, India and other countries and found out their needs, where it turned out that the Qoovee concept is relevant not only in the CIS, but also in these countries that wish to trade with the countries of the post-Soviet space.

“At that moment, we discovered and realized that in such a large space as the CIS there is no single trading wholesale B2B platform that would connect suppliers and wholesale buyers and help them conclude deals and thereby develop the foreign trade of these countries. And therefore we also we saw that even more so there is no solution for trading the CIS + World. And we firmly decided to occupy this niche and market, but not stop at the CIS. The CIS for us was only the first stage of scaling … “- shares his memories the founder of Qoovee Turat Bulembaev.

Thus, by the beginning of 2017, Qoovee management had a powerful market analysis, and the team as a whole was able to connect more than 1000 suppliers to the site! Almost all of them were connected through personal live negotiations. And then the platform began to grow organically and through personal recommendations. More and more wholesalers and suppliers came to Qoovee on their own and registered on the platform. And since then, Qoovee has served and serves about 2 million wholesalers and over 32,500 suppliers representing their products from different countries.

In 2019, Qoovee launched its new line of business – logistics. The Qoovee Logistics platform was developed, which connects the players in the freight transportation market: freight forwarders, transport companies and, of course, customers of logistics services who come to trade on the Qoovee.com trading platform

And here is a brief summary of the development of Qoovee for 6 years in numbers:

  • 32 500+ suppliers
  • about 2 million wholesalers
  • 100+ countries coverage
  • $ 250 million amount of purchase requests
  • about $ 1 billion the amount with which wholesalers come to Qoovee for the purpose of purchasing per year (for 2021)
  • 40 countries+ shipping destinations
  • 3000 tons+ volume of cargo transportation

After 6 years of development, Qoovee has become a global trading platform headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Today, Qoovee connects businesses and develops international trade and logistics between markets such as China, India, Central Asia, Turkey and the Middle East, Europe, etc.

See also the photo history of Qoovee development over the years:

Founder of Qoovee at the Textile Products Exhibition in Uzbekistan, where Qoovee is one of the main partners of the event
Signing an agreement with one of the largest Business Association in Uzbekistan
The Qoovee team is discussing one of the tasks
The founder of Qoovee speaks to the team about the global promotion and sets key tasks
Founder of Qoovee at the World Trade Center in Istanbul. Establish cooperation.
Founder of Qoovee in the Eurasian Commission of the EAEU countries
Uzbekistan Business Meeting organized by Qoovee

Meeting with the Office of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh on e-commerce
Signing a cooperation agreement with the Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the topic of Bangladesh trade on Qoovee with different countries
Signing a cooperation agreement with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic
Qoovee executives talks with a business delegation from the UAE

Meeting with Turkish Airlines
With logistics partner in Dubai
Meeting with Invest HK (Hong Kong government structure)
Meeting with Dubai Exports (Government of Dubai)
Signing an agreement with the Dubai Exports (Government of Dubai) on the development of international trade through Qoovee
First delivered cargo through Qoovee Logistics
Qoovee logistics partners in the UAE
First Central Asian Business Meeting. Organizers Qoovee and Kazakhtelecom (over 400 participants from 10 countries)

Signing a memorandum of cooperation with the NAFL (National Association of Logistics Companies of UAE)