Qoovee has launched a new service: Tenders

The new service of the Qoovee.com trading platform allows companies and private entrepreneurs to create tenders (competitive purchases) online in 5 minutes without unnecessary bureaucracy.

In order to create a tender on Qoovee, the customer must follow these simple steps:

  1. Register
  2. Fill in the order form
  3. Suppliers receive the order notifications and will offer their prices and terms
  4. The customer simply choose the best offer

You can create tenders absolutely for free of charge and unlimited number of times. Customers can thereby save a large amount of time for the search for wholesale suppliers and for the purchase of goods and services.

To date, more than 14.300 supplier companies are placed on the Qoovee platform from around the world. And this number is growing rapidly.

In order for companies or private entrepreneurs to participate in tenders on the Qoovee platform it is necessary to:

  1. Register
  2. Add information about the company
  3. Choose an appropriate tariff
  4. Make an offer to the customer

Besides, the supplier will receive notifications (sms / e-mail) about all orders according to the  selected categories, so the supplier will be informed and able to make offers to customers.

Advantages of tenders on Qoovee for the customer:

  • Saving time on finding suppliers, you do not need to ring up and study all individually
  • Qoovee informs about ordering the entire database of wholesale suppliers according to the  the selected category and region
  • Due to the competition of suppliers, the customer receives favorable prices and conditions
  • Without bureaucracy as in usual tenders
  • Free creation of tenders / orders
  • The recent and growing supplier base
  • Local and international supply

Advantages of tenders on Qoovee for the supplier:

  • Effective sales channel
  •  Growing customer traffic
  • Receiving e-mail / sms notifications of all incoming orders by category of goods and region
  • It is more convenient for customers to order in Qoovee, because there are many suppliers and choices
  • Local and international orders
  • Saving on advertising and promotion
  • Without bureaucracy as in usual tenders
  • Can itself make  purchases of the necessary goods for the company
  • Ready wholesale online store
  • International orders

Another significant advantage of tenders in Qoovee is that they can be both local and global. If you want to buy not only from local but also from foreign suppliers or you want to export your products, then welcome to the Qoovee new service  – Tenders.

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