Go online! Taking Your Business Online on a turn-key basis

Qoovee is pleased to present the “Go Online” anti-crisis plan for businesses operating in the B2B (wholesale) and B2C (retail) sectors.

The plan allows your business to be partially or completely  moved to online without hiring IT experts or additional personnel. Our team will help to set up your basic services and run advertising.

The B2C plan is in preparation, pre-orders are being accepted. The B2B plan is completely ready for use.

B2C plan includes:

  • Ready E-commerce store
  • Online payment system (Visa, MasterCard and others)
  • Order Protection for Buyer
  • Online Chat in Your Store
  • Delivery calculation system
  • Delivery to different countries

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B2B plan includes:

  • Ready Wholesale E-commerce store
  • Deal Protection
  • Promotion on Qoovee B2B Marketplace (more than 80 countries)
  • Online Chat in Your Store
  • Freight Worldwide
  • Participation at Global Online Expo – World Online Exhibition

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You can also take advantage of additional services:

  • Creating and launching ads on  Google, Yandex, Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • Sending e-mail newsletters
  • Support for implementing various additional online services
  • Education: “Online Sales” and “Online Marketing”

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