What is the Global Online Expo? How to join? And other questions.

GLOBAL ONLINE EXPO is an online B2B exhibition where hundreds of thousands of companies from over 100 countries present their products and services, abilities and innovations. Each country has its own virtual pavilion and online catalogs of suppliers, products and services. The global exhibition includes 12-15 main sectors.  The Expo takes place on the base of Qoovee.com B2B marketplace.

Who can attend?

Wholesalers and buyers (Exporters and Importers). Businesses that provide and use B2B services. SMEs in the field of wholesale trade and B2B services not only in international markets but also in the local market. You can participate not only as a company but also as an individual entrepreneur.

I am a supplier, how can I register?

Add your company by following this link, and then add your products and / or services. Registration allows to automatically create an e-commerce store for you, and your company profile, products and services will appear in the EXPO’s general catalogs.

What is the participation fee?

Registration and participation are free. Suppliers who want to be promoted in higher positions in the catalogs, have higher priority in search and thus to get more views and visits, can top up their Qoovee account balances (at least $ 25). Your balance will be deducted only if you get inquiries from potential clients. More information about the promotion system.

Suppliers who want to be presented in the catalogs that are promoted in priority and with guaranteed number of target customer visits, can top up their account balances from $ 399 and get advantages of promotion. Apply for detailed information.

How can I quickly find suppliers in Expo?

Create a request. The system will send your request to many suppliers. The suppliers will send offers to you.

We want to be a Partner of the Expo. What are the cooperation options?

Fill out this form. We will contact you and offer various options of cooperation.

How  government entities and business associations can participate in the Global Online Expo?

Gov. entities that are in charge of  the economic development of their countries can become co-organizers of the Global Online Expo on behalf of their country and attract companies to this event in order to help businesses establish international connections. Fill out the application form.

How will the Global Online Expo be promoted?

  • All Qoovee customers and traffic will be directed to the EXPO
  • Government entities and business associations of different countries will send official invitation letters to their business communities  and will also use their administrative resources to represent their country at the Global Online Expo.
  • Press institutions from different countries are EXPO’s info partners. EXPO is being presented in countries as an important event for their business world.
  • Business associations represent the Country as the co-organizers of the Global Expo and actively invite participants from their own country.
  • Promotion on the Internet. Standard advertising in media sources and on the Internet
  • Word spread. This event will really help countries and businesses; There will be word spread about this event on social media, messengers will show their power.
  • and many other channels

Thus, according to our forecasts, the Global Online Expo will be visited by up to 10 million visitors (customers) and up to 100,000 suppliers during the 2020.

If you still have questions, please contact us by support@qoovee.com or send an email through the contact form.