Demand analysis for manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers

As many of us know, in order to make the right and effective promotion and generally organize your business, you need to know what is the demand for the products you sell or are planning to sell. Especially online, given the current world realities.

And there can be a number of following questions:

  • How many potential wholesalers are looking for your products online per month?
  • How many of them you can attract to your online store?
  • How much it will cost?

These questions are now answered by a new service from Qoovee – Demand Analysis, and it’s free of charge.

How it works?
1. Follow the link
2. Select your industry (category)
3. View the data:

  • number of inquiries from wholesalers for your products (demand)
  • the number of clicks to your store (forecast)
  • budget for advertising

If you did not find your industry in the list, select “Other” and click on on the form to fill it out.