How to build a career and become a participant in global changes

  • What do you need to develop in yourself to be in demand in the labor market?
  • What human qualities will be valuable at all times?
  • What profession to choose? What business to do?
  • How to become not only a participant in global changes, but their cause.

These questions today certainly concern you, those who are faced with the choice of their future or those who want to change their lives for the better.

I present 10 short recommendations, in which, among other things, you will find answers to the above questions.

1. Be confident in yourself.

A successful person is a self-confident person. But what is confidence? It is knowledge and understanding. A confident driver behind the wheel is confident because he knows how to drive a car and knows how to do it. It’s easy to say be confident. But how can this be achieved? Learn. Get knowledge. Learn not only professional data, but also the laws of life.

By the way, we have an internal Academy in our company, where our employees receive such knowledge.

2. Find your favorite thing to do

As Confucius said, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” It’s true. But how do you find your passion?

First, take a close look at what you like to do, what you are good at and what brings you pleasure. After that, see where you can apply it. If you are sympathetic to some companies whose ideas and philosophy are close to you, then feel free to submit your resume there. Ask to work there even for free, for example, as an intern, assistant manager or lead employee. Don’t give up if you are denied.

For example, I was denied a job 6 times in one of the German IT companies, where I later became a leader, replacing the Director, who refused me, but he accepted me, becoming my mentor. Do not give up. If you want to work in the company of your dreams, then go all the way.

3. Don’t turn work into work.

A person spends up to 70% of his life at work. Imagine if a person hates his job all this time. This means that he does not love 70% of his life. The main mistake is that people make work a serious occupation. Work needs to be treated differently. Work is play. If you make your work a game and it will be gambling (in a good way), then you will love your job, you will play, win.

4. Responsibility is power.

What is responsibility? It means to be the reason. It means not blaming anyone for your failures, fully accepting the fact that you are the cause of everything that happens to you and even around.

Becoming the cause of change in the company means not waiting for instructions from above. And take it yourself and do it, while also encouraging your colleagues to become more responsible and get down to business. Take responsibility even for the management of the company. After all, your success depends on their condition. Instead of problems, bring ready-made solutions to your boss. So you save his nerves and mental health.

By the way, the more you take responsibility for large areas of activity, the more successful you become and the less dependent on external factors. It is a fact.

5. Be a leader.

A lot of books have been written about this, but rarely where the topic of leadership is truly revealed. Many people think that they should be born that way. In fact, to be a leader, you just need to be able to set goals and get other people to achieve these goals. Employees actually respect such leaders who know how to make them perform their duties. And the collective will “eat” the insecure and “democratic” leaders together with the bones and will not notice.

6. Be competent.

Competent people create aesthetics and order around. Note that civilization rests on them. What is their secret? They have good control over their activities, tools, and environment. How to become competent? There is a good video on this topic that you can watch at the end of the article.

7. Think and act globally.

Don’t limit your organization to one area. Make your company look at foreign markets and think about how to conquer many countries. We live in an amazing time. Now, in the age of information technology, going out into the world is not such a difficult action. Gather your team, brainstorm, say: “Guys, stop playing small games, let’s play big.”

Become the cause of global action in your company, I’m sure your boss will be shocked by your initiatives, but he will draw conclusions for himself and most likely instruct you to lead the “crusade” on the world.

8. Idea above logic.

First, a person is driven by an idea. He can stay awake at night, go back and forth enthusiastic and excited, but later the logic turns on and he begins to explain to himself why it is difficult, impossible or useless, plus he finds analogues to his project and gives up, not even having time to try to realize his idea.

What needs to be realized and understood is that the idea is above logic. All great companies and people were not logical, they went against the flow.

For example, Elon Musk began to land rockets on Earth. This is not logical, at least it was not a logical phenomenon until recently. Mobile communications were once not logical … how can you communicate on the phone without wires ?! Now this is logical.

9. Communication and connections are the keys to success.

Build and expand useful connections. Attend thematic events, business seminars and conferences, exhibitions, etc. Declare yourself as much and as actively as possible. The scope of your career will depend on your connections. You can’t even imagine where your contacts can take you.

For example, our self-promotion activities have led to various publications in the popular media, and even the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC made a publication about us on the Chinese government website.

10. What you encourage is what you get.

There is such a law of life: “What you encourage is what you get.” If you encourage growth, you will get growth. If you encourage recession, you will get recession. It’s elementary. It follows from this that one should strive to get a job in a company that encourages growth, initiative, where the company itself is growing, even if it is recently on the market. And of course, this company should help people solve real problems.

Article author: Turat Bulembaev — President and Founder of Qoovee

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