Qoovee affiliate program: development and income.

Qoovee Users and Partners can be rewarded for customer acquisition from anywhere in the world. All about the Qoovee affiliate program in this article.

Qoovee.com is an international B2B trade platform. A meeting place for manufacturers, wholesale suppliers and customers of goods and business services. Today, Qoovee’s supplier base numbers over 28,500 companies from 100 countries. Tens of thousands of wholesale buyers visit the platform every month. Read more about Qoovee products and services here: What is Qoovee? Benefits and benefits

Promo video about the Affiliate program

There are two statuses for members of the affiliate program:

  • Silver
  • Gold

Gold has a higher status than Silver, as it has proven its effectiveness and has additional training with a license from Qoovee.

What does Qoovee pay for?
  • For attracted users (user registration).
  • For replenishing the balance (using the paid version of promotion on Qoovee). More details.
  • For an attracted tender or a mass application. A tender or bulk bid is a request created by a buyer seeking many different bids from suppliers. The tender is created here. A bulk ticket is created when you contact a supplier through the feedback form on the supplier’s page in Qoovee. The buyer notes that he wants to receive offers not only from a specific supplier, but also from other suppliers with similar products.
  • For the transition of an NOT verified supplier to the status “Verified supplier”.
How it works?

Step 1. Register at Qoovee Affiliate. If you are already registered on Qoovee, you can login with a valid account.

Step 2. In the dashboard you receives a referral link and promotion materials

Step 3. Next, the partner distributes promotional materials via Internet resources: target sites, platforms, message boards, social media, networks, contextual advertising in Google and Yandex, email distribution and in other ways.

Step 4. Users follows your referral link and buy Qoovee services. You earn money.

Whom to attract or who can be a Qoovee customer (target audience)?

Buyers of Qoovee services: are small, medium, large businesses, individual entrepreneurs, in fact, the entire B2B segment, we will list some of them:

  • Manufacturers
  • Suppliers
  • Instagram Stores
  • Amazon sellers
  • Trade networks
  • Wholesale customers
  • Any companies and individual entrepreneurs making corporate purchases
  • Sales Agents
  • Distributors and dealers
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start a wholesale business or promote B2B services
  • Wholesale online stores
  • Dropshipping Entrepreneurs
  • Advertisers who are interested in the target audience of Qoovee: B2B audience, small, medium and large businesses, top managers, marketers, bosses and managers of purchasing departments.
  • other
Some ways how to attract users online:
  • Contextual advertising in Google and Yandex
    Note: it is forbidden to use the Qoovee brand in the title and description of advertisements in promotion on Google, Yandex, etc.
  • Social networks
    Attract customers through social networks Facebook, Vkontakte, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.
  • Youtube
    Create your channel about export / import, trading opportunities, etc. Or promote both your own and other bloggers through existing channels.
  • Bloggers and Opinion Makers
    Get promoted through pages, posts, reviews by bloggers and opinion makers.
  • Target sites and platforms
    Place your ads on targeted sites, directories and platforms that potential customers visit.
  • Online advertising platforms
    Publish your ad on online advertising platforms for business
  • Email marketing/newsletters
    But it shouldn’t be spam. Send only to those who might really be interested in it.
  • Whats App / Telegram 
    Send your contacts information about Qoovee, describe briefly the benefits of Qoovee that they will receive.


What if the client signs up directly with Qoovee, bypassing the referral link?

If the user clicked on your referral link and did not register immediately, but did it within 30 days from the moment of the first click on your link, then he will automatically go to your Referral Network. Provided that this user logs in on the same device and in the same browser.

Are bonuses accrued for repeat purchases of referrals?
Yes, partners (agents) receive bonuses from repeated actions/purchases of their referrals within 2 years from the date of registration of the referral. This period can be extended if the partner program participant continues to actively promote and receive results.

Where can I see the list of attracted clients?
In your dashboard on Qoovee Affiliate

Are promotional materials provided for affiliate program members?
Yes. You can also find them in your dashboard.

Who can participate in the affiliate program?
An individual or legal entity with the right to conduct business with the presence of individual entrepreneurs, firms, etc. The country of your registration does not matter.

How can I withdraw earned money from Qoovee?
Your income is sent by bank transfer to your account

Is there training for affiliate program members?
Yes. We are interested in your development and therefore provide training materials, useful articles, webinars. For those who want to become a Gold member of the Affiliate Program and actively promote Qoovee, higher class training is provided.