How a diaper manufacturer expands markets with Qoovee

“We are a manufacturer of baby diapers in Uzbekistan. Our brand is known as Lalaku. At the moment, we are exporting to Dubai and Turkey. We have recently started working with the trade platform. Despite the short period of time (work at Qoovee), we have already started to send orders of small batches throughout Russia and there are potential customers who are interested from Armenia and Tajikistan.

Thanks to the Qoovee team! Work with Qoovee. We wish you good luck in sales! ”

Raju Dadabaev.
Import/export manager of  SOFGIGIENIK (Uzbekistan) – the manufacturer of Lalaku baby diapers.

The company of Sofgigienik (Lalaku) topped up the balance on Qoovee for promotion and began to receive inquiries from different countries.

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