How a major buyer from the UAE found suppliers on Qoovee

The B2B marketplace of continues to actively connect businesses and countries even in difficult times and we are proud of another success story: Qoovee helped a major buyer from Dubai (UAE) and a suppliers from Kyrgyzstan (Central Asia) find each other and conclude a large mutually beneficial deal.

How did it happen:

  1. A wholesale buyer from the UAE has begun an active search for suppliers from Armenia and Kyrgyzstan at
  2. Further, the customer approached the Qoovee administration with a request of assistance, since the order was urgent and a special flight was organized for shipping.
  3. Qoovee additionally involved government entities and business connections from Armenia and Kyrgyzstan for organizing fast deliveries. In Kyrgyzstan, the Investment Protection Agency of the Kyrgyz Republic provided export assistance.
  4. Only 3 days after the customer from Dubai created a request on Qoovee, the plane arrived from Dubai to Bishkek for goods. Negotiations of the customer with a group of suppliers from Armenia also began. Shipment of a large batch of goods is expected

Review from a representative of a buying company from the UAE following the results of this deal:

I thank Ms. Mairam (representative of Qoovee), through whom I learned about the Qoovee business platform, and Mr. Nurlan (representative of the export agency of Kyrgyzstan) and I would like to briefly share my experience.

Recently I was looking for suppliers and the Qoovee team helped me find exporters from Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, etc. I received a link of Qoovee, registered in a maximum of 2-3 minutes. After that, I entered the name of the product, and then the site gave me the opportunity to choose suppliers with similar content, which greatly simplified my work. Because I could view the profiles of all companies and contact them for a short period of time. I found this very useful, and I think that if all companies post their profiles there, it will be a great achievement for everyone.

The Qoovee team has connected us with suppliers from Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. And I was able to successfully conclude a deal with more than 5 companies.

I highly recommend the Qoovee Business Platform for people who want to find exporters and importers for various types of products. As I mentioned earlier, the site shows profiles of different companies, and it makes your life easier …

Aida T.
Representative of Bedaya General Trading (Dubai, UAE) 

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Qoovee is an official partner of the Government of Dubai (represented by Dubai Exports) in international trade. The agreement was signed in Dubai. Read more about this here. Also note: the World Online Exhibition Global Online Expo is being held  now in the world, where hundreds of countries are represented by tens of thousands of suppliers.