“Mountains are hills for us. Long distances are one step” Qoovee turned 4 years!


Today we are celebrating the 4th anniversary of our company, or rather our platform Qoovee.com

We launched the first version of the Qoovee.com site on May 12, 2016.

The launch event gathered more than 500 people in one place. I made a speech, the main point of which was as follows:

“We are starting something great! And we want to enter the world market! Someone may not believe in us, doubt, but we will do it.”

After 4 years, you can judge what has been done and where our first critics are and where we are. BUT … we still have a lot to do.

We have something to be proud of! In 4 years we have achieved a lot:

  • Built a powerful product and a strong team.
  • Achieved Constant Growth of Customer Base
  • Our resources have reached over 1 million visits (business audience) from more than 100 countries!
  • Got a lot of experience in international affairs and found valuable niches
  • We are recognized by large global companies and governments of different countries.

Many people tried to repeat what we do, but not everyone succeeds. But in reality it seems that they don not have main thing – the desire to help the World! The desire to help people and create! Inspire. It seems they wish just to make money. And this is not about us. We have a mission.

Dear our partner, customer! Thank you for using our service! Thank you for supporting us! It would be impossible without you.

We are invincible if we go forward together and overcome the difficulties surrounding us and if we help our clients and partners from the deep of heart!

We will keep this spirit and this unwavering faith in ourselves, and in the team, and of course in you! And then any mountains seem to us as hills. Long distances will turn into just one step!

We have a Strong Team, Powerful Product, Name, History, Growing Customer Base, Connections and Strong Spirit! With such a mixture, we are doomed to SUCCESS together!

Happy Birthday, Qoovee!

Sincerely, Bulembaev Turat. Founder of Qoovee.