We will find “turnkey” wholesale buyers

B2B Trading Platform Qoovee.com where thousands of wholesalers and suppliers find each other every day and make profitable deals, we are pleased to present a unique service for finding and attracting wholesale buyers on a “turnkey” basis.

What are we doing?

  • We find wholesale buyers
  • We organize negotiations
  • Accompanying the deal
  • We organize logistics
  • We take payment for the result

How does it work?

Qoovee has a powerful base of wholesale customers, which has been accumulating for more than 5 years and is constantly growing. The total audience of Qoovee exceeds 1.5 million users from different countries, most of whom are wholesale customers. The smart system created by Qoovee sees who is looking for what, who is buying what and what volumes the client is looking for. And thus the most interested customers are selected. We can quickly filter out suitable buyers.

Also, the Qoovee team is looking for wholesale buyers for you not only on the Qoovee platform. We use different channels to find and attract wholesale customers. In fact, you get not only a smart program to attract buyers, but also a whole promotion team that is interested in selling your product and finding customers who will buy on a regular basis.

After a potential wholesale customer is found, negotiations with you are organized (online/offline). A representative of Qoovee, you and the buyer participate in these negotiations. A Qoovee representative facilitates the deal.

We accompany the deal. Qoovee can act as a guarantor of the deal so that the supplier and the buyer can carry out the purchase and sale without any risks. This can also help speed up the process of concluding a contract and remove doubts to the buyer. In this case, the payment is made via Qoovee. Next, the supplier ships the goods and after the buyer receives his goods, the supplier will receive the money.

In addition, Qoovee, with the agreement of the parties, can organize turnkey cargo transportation. In this case, Qoovee Logistics is connected to the deal.

As a result of the deal, Qoovee receives payment for the result, that is, for the completed deal. The amount of the commission is determined individually. On average, this is a 3% from the total amount of the deal.

Steps to get started:

  1. Register on Qoovee.com as a supplier
  2. Add your products and a description of your company
  3. Start the verification procedure. The steps are described here.
  4. Get the verified supplier status
  5. Your personal manager contacts you, who fully advises you, receives the necessary information and starts preparing to attract customers.
  6. The search, selection and attraction of suitable wholesale customers begins.