How to export online to Russia and CIS countries?

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Did you know that there are 8 million monthly requests on internet for wholesale purchases in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan and other)?


did you know that the #1 buyer country of the Chinese e-commerce sites is Russia?

We hope that the information we shared above will be sufficient to understand the online export potential to Russia. So, the demand is big; In 2018, the volume of e-commerce in Russia reached 31 billion USD.

So how do you reach this big audience?

Let us first admit that the concept of “export” appeals mostly to wholesale (B2B). The B2B volume in the world is 3 times larger than the retail volume. As mentioned above, we are talking about a market with 8 million requests on Google and Yandex for monthly wholesale purchases. And the useful information we’re going to share here is mostly B2B, so it’s about wholesale in those countries.

The market with about 282 million population speaks in ONE  language. Which is that language?

Your first job is to overcome the language barrier. Russian is used in almost every post Soviet country in everyday conversations and formality. Therefore, you must translate every content you will use in marketing and sales into Russian in an appropriate way. This can be a site, catalog, customer service, etc. Don’t worry about it, because there are a lot of companies offering translation and other services. However, it is best to have someone who knows your business and russian in marketing and sales departments.

Useful information about search engines

Google is not the most used search engine in Russia. You will always be surprised while discovering this market 🙂 Yandex is the leader of the market with its 65-70% usage rate. Additionally, it is difficult to market and launch advertising in a language that you do not know.

ONE Solution for all of the above – To join B2B platforms.

Now, B2B platforms for wholesale trade like Alibaba, Kompass in the World are available.  Alibaba is the right address to trade with China for now, do you know a B2B platform for wholesale trade in Russia and other Eurasian countries to reach these market? I’m sure probably you don’t have any idea on this. There are B2B platforms in these countries, but almost all of them bring together local buyers and sellers within a certain country. Currently, is the only platform that brings together the business world of Russia and Eurasian countries and connects with foreign markets. Now, Qoovee should come to  your mind as a B2B platform for wholesale trade which connects you with Russia and other Eurasian countries.

Also, Qoovee  have taken serious road building trade bridge between Russia, Eurasian countries and the rest of the world and built the necessary infrastructure. In the simplest way, the platform works entirely in english, russian, german, chinese, turkish, arabic, uzbek languages so that everybody understands each other. This is just ONE solution offered by Qoovee on language.

10 reasons to promote your business on

  1. Leader on search engines
  2. International audience-  more than 50 countries
  3. Ready-made online store with promotion in Google, Yandex and on Qoovee. Get yours 
  4. Target audience of buyers. Fair promotion system
  5. Tenders (Requests for Quotations)
  6. High level support of the Qoovee platform by global private and different government  bodies
  7. Direct access to suppliers of goods and services for your business
  8. Deal Protection. Guarantee of payment and delivery
  9. Logistics. Shipping Worlwide.
  10. Participation in the Global Online Expo – Worldwide Online Exhibition, more than 100 participating countries, 100 thousand companies and 21 million visitors

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