How to attract B2B customers? 10 effective ways.

What are the ways to attract wholesale customers and business service customers?

1. Exhibitions and Business Events
Attending key trade shows in different countries across your industry can generate great deals and the right partners. Create a calendar of upcoming exhibitions and other business events, apply for participation. Be sure to get your company data published in the exhibition catalogs and try to distinguish yourself in some way at the event itself. Collect as many contacts of participants and decision makers as possible. After the events, make mailings – constantly remind the received contacts about yourself.

You can also organize your own b2b event. For example, if you need to gather the heads of construction companies, the event can be called: “The future of construction is a meeting of heads of construction companies.” And this way you can attract customers to Qoovee if you participate in the Qoovee affiliate program.

2. B2B sites

Electronic commerce in the b2c segment has reached over $ 3 trillion. $, but another 7 trillion. $ comes from B2B. Place yourself on electronic business (b2b) marketplaces that attract wholesalers and business service customers from different countries. The presence on B2B sites is already a necessity, as the Business is actively wandering online. One of the most dynamic platforms is, where you can trade with different countries.

3. Search engines and social. networks

Run ads in search engines and social. networks. More and more wholesalers and business service customers find suppliers on the Internet. In the CIS alone, more than 6.5 million wholesale requests per month in search engines.

4. Content marketing and blog

Keep a blog and pages in different social networks, publish useful materials, expert opinions, life hacks for business, etc. The main task: to create useful content that people will be happy to share with their partners and friends. Find b2c store pages and send them your suggestions. Social services are especially recommended. Linkedin network

5. Polls and reviews

Conduct surveys of your potential customers. With the help of surveys, you can and should attract customers and make sales. During the survey, you can find out the needs and wishes of the client and offer them your products / services.

links to resources for reviews

6. Business associations

List business associations by industry. Become a member of them. and go out to manufacturers – members of these associations.

7. Instagram shops

A large number of people around the world trade on Instagram today. You can create a database of Instagram stores with a large number of subscribers who retail products or services in your category and contact them and offer them your products and services. Thus, you can go directly to the dealers of your products and services. Or attract them to Qoovee in order to promote them on the platform.

8. State. organs

Few people use the potential of the state. organs. Each country has a state. bodies that are responsible for the development of trade, exports and business promotion. You can actively communicate with such state. bodies, participate in their meetings, conferences. You can also ask them to assist you in promoting and exporting.

9. Messengers

Messengers have become not just a means of communication, but also a means of promotion. Find clients in target groups, in thematic channels. Agree with the admins of popular groups and channels for mutual promotion or direct advertising.

10. Attraction through Partners – reach the target audience through partners with whom you are not competitors. For example, a car dealership and a car wash are not competitors, but they have a single target audience – car owners and car enthusiasts. You can attract customers to Qoovee with the help of logistics companies, business associations, banks, etc. that have access to a business audience, exporters and importers.