Qoovee and Kazakhtelecom JSC became strategic partners

The global business & trade platform of Qoovee.com and  the largest telecommunication company in Kazakhstan of Kazakhtelecom JSC became partners.

The parties agreed on joint promotion in the market of Kazakhstan and promotion of entrepreneurs from Kazakhstan to the international market. In particular, mutual assistance in promotion of export of Kazakh goods and B2B services to an international market, and in attracting reliable suppliers from other countries for import of qualitative products to RK market will be provided.

These agreements will be realized with help of integration of two platforms Qoovee.com and Ismet.kz. It shall be noted that Ismet.kz digital platform for Kazakhstani entrepreneurs is one of Kazakhtelecom JSC business directions and at present services over 5000 companies and plans to increase its clients base to 150 000 during two years.

By words of Bikesh Kurmangaliyeva, Director for ICT services of Kazakhtelecom JSC, trade platform is an important center of any online-platform for business, that is why company was looking for a partner with an international experience.

«We had an experience with local trade platform, but, unfortunately, company have changed an owner and plans also have changed. That is why we started to look for a platform outside the Kazakhstan. Qoovee peculiarity and advantage is that our entrepreneurs can find suppliers abroad and potential buyers as well. Thus, we can help Kazakhstan business to speed up its exit to an export, and those, who succeeded, to extend geography and reduce costs, for instance, such as logistics costs», – underlined Bikesh Kurmangaliyeva, Managing director for ICT services of Kazakhtelecom JSC.

By words, companies in Kazakhstan, registered on Ismet.kz platform, will get extra privileges in promotion on Qoovee.com global trade platform.

«Kazakh businessmen will be able to explore suppliers, wholesale buyers of goods and services from over 50 countries. Besides, we agreed on joint organization of World online-exhibition Global Online Expo, where Kazakhtelecom JSC on behalf of Ismet.kz will be a co-organizer from Kazakhstan»,- noted Turat Bulembayev, founder of Qoovee platform.

Till detailed explaining of trade platform and digital platform resources, telecom operators plans to perform a press-conference, which will take place on 26 November in Almaty. It’s expected that entrepreneurs from over 8 countries such as Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, UAE, China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Tajikistan etc will visit the event. It’s expected that this meeting will promote long-term business cooperation of various countries.

For information:

Kazakhtelecom JSC is the largest Kazakhstan telecommunications company with the status of a national company. It is the largest fixed and mobile telephony operator in Kazakhstan, owning 3 out of 4 major mobile operators in Kazakhstan. It is also one of the largest operators of the National Data Network. Kazakhtelecom JSC has over 22 000 employees.

ISMET.kz — a market place of digital products, developed by Kazakhtelecom JSC, where latest IT-solutions for entrepreneurs, state support measures and training materials are collected. Internet, telephony, e-commerce and television specially for legal entities and entrepreneurs are represented on the platform.

Qoovee.com — an international trade platform, where suppliers from different countries find wholesale buyers and business services clients. Today over 23 000 suppliers are represented on the platform and hundreds of buyers visit the platform for purchasing goods and services for their business.