Qoovee Logistics update. Fast shipping rates from freight forwarders

Qoovee preparing an update and large-scale promotion of Qoovee Logistics

🚚 logistics.Qoovee.com – a service for cargo transportation around the world. This service seeks to simplify, secure and speed up cargo transportation and thereby open up new markets for small and medium-sized businesses.

👨🏻‍💻 Qoovee Logistics allows you to quickly find freight forwarders and transport companies. You only need to create one request and you will receive many quotes from reliable freight forwarders from all over the world and choose the most suitable offer for you.

☑️ Qoovee Logistics will also ensure the security of the transaction between you and the freight forwarder (logistics company). The freight forwarder will only receive payment after you receive your shipment.

🌏 We will help you deliver your cargo from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. See an example of how we are already doing this

Welcome to Qoovee Logistics!