Trade Bridge: India – Russia | Export. Import.

Great news! b2b marketplace started building an online trade bridge: India – Russia and the CIS

What does this mean?

  • Qoovee platform will actively attract wholesalers and suppliers from Russia and other CIS countries for India based companies
  • Qoovee will  provide support for active companies from India to enter CIS market
  • Organization of secure transactions between suppliers and buyers from India, Russia and the CIS, connecting leading banks from both sidespubl
  • Providing reliable and fast logistics
  • And much more

Qoovee was able to attract tens of thousands wholesale buyers and of suppliers from CIS.

You can find the pavilion of Russia and other CIS countries on the main page of

And also there are successful deals between INDIA – CIS, here is one example.
Several recommendations for suppliers and buyers from India:

  • Prepare your stores and display your products on Qoovee in Russian language (auto-translation works on the site, but make sure the translation is correct).
  • Provide quick responses to all inquiries
  • Contact the Qoovee administration for logistics and secure deals
  • Prepare an employee who can speak Russian language
  • Increase promotion and activity on the platform
  • Explore helpful Blog articles