What fatal mistake does a business make in a crisis?

When business go downhill, when there are fewer and fewer orders and inquiries, income is reduced, then many companies make a fatal mistake – they start saving, including on promotion.

This is the wrong action! The first correct action during a state of emergency when revenue and sales statistics are gradually going down is to PROMOTE! Immediate promotion. And you can’t skimp on it.

The leader and the promotion team must discard everything superfluous and focus strictly on what the flow of customers and orders will give. Restart any advertising campaigns that have already produced results. Launch new campaigns for a product that is in demand. Don’t think that now you don’t have this product in stock.

You must adhere to the principle: “Promotion first, product later”, that is, if you start searching for a product, and start advertising after you find and/or produce a product, then you will fail. Do PROMOTION first, then PRODUCTION or product search. But when the first order arrives, then immediately do everything to quickly implement it.

In general, your speed of action in such a situation should be lightning fast. Then you can raise your sales and go up.

If you sell in bulk, looking for clients from different countries, then start promotion on the Qoovee.com international trading platform, top up your balance and pay only for requests and inquiries. Qoovee doesn’t charge for views, clicks. Payment is only for the result:

Promotion opportunities for suppliers on Qoovee.com

  • When you top up your balance by $299, you get access to 50 inquiries* + $299 for promotion (this is more than 50 additional applications), top positions in search queries and in Qoovee catalogs
  • When you top up your balance by $499, you get unlimited access to inquiries for 1 year + $499 for promotion and the opportunity to get the status of “Verified Supplier”, top positions in search queries and in Qoovee catalogs

* Payment on Qoovee is debited from your balance for inquiries, appeals, for requesting your contacts with paid promotion. With a free promotion, leads and leads are free, but your company and products appear in low priority, reducing the chances of receiving leads.

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