How to export from the UAE, Middle East and North Africa to Russia and the CIS
The CIS market is a very large market. The welfare of the population of these countries is growing every year
Qoovee builds a bridge between the business of the CIS countries and the Middle East
The Qoovee management has agreed with the business community and government agencies of the UAE on mutual trade in goods
Qoovee sets an office in Hong Kong and gets a full support from the government
The founder of Qoovee, Bulembaev Turat have had meetings with business community, banks and government bodies within the framework of
Qoovee Safe – Protect your deal
Qoovee Safe – protection of deals between suppliers and buyers worldwide, so they can trust each other and solve problems
Qoovee held a meeting with Turkish Airlines
The management of Qoovee held negotiations with representatives of Turkish Airlines. The Turkish Airlines fly to 140 countries, it is
12 reasons to promote your business on
If you are looking for export & import opportunities, need buyers, dealers, or you want to run advertising on the
Qoovee Agent – a service for searching suppliers of products and services worldwide with payment and delivery guarantees
You just have to describe what you are looking for, everything else Qoovee Agent will do for you for free
How to enter the 700 million-market of Eurasia through Kyrgyzstan
A step-by-step instruction on how to trade duty-free with the countries of the European Union (EU) and the Eurasian Economic
How to register on
WELCOME TO! Dear Qoovee User, first of all, we want to congratulate you for being in the registration phase
How to export to Russia and the CIS from Bangladesh
Bangladesh plans to increase exports of its goods to Russia and other CIS countries to 10 billion $. The CIS