Qoovee Agent – a service for searching suppliers of products and services worldwide with payment and delivery guarantees

You just have to describe what you are looking for, everything else Qoovee Agent will do for you for free and without commission. The minimum amount of the order of products / services must be at least $ 1000.

How it works?

1 Step – Place your order here.

Describe your order. The more specific your information, the more faster and better we can match your request with the right suppliers.

2 Step – Choose a supplier

Qoovee will find you the right suppliers and the best conditions from China, Turkey, Europe, Asia, etc. You have to just choose the most suitable option.

3 Step – Conclude a contract and make payment

Discuss terms of delivery with the supplier. Conclude a contract. Make the payment. Qoovee will act as the guarantor of the deal, if you pay to the Qoovee transit account. If you pay to another account or the account of the supplier, the guarantee will not be provided

4 Step – Get your order/service

After the payment, supplier ships the order. As soon as you confirm the order delivery, the payment released to the supplier.

Advantages and Guarantees of Qoovee Agent

  • Quick search for the right suppliers from all over the world.
  • You don’t need to spend time on researching and analysis of their reliability.
  • Qoovee has an extensive database of reliable suppliers worldwide from different industries.
  • We will negotiate and have discussions with suppliers for you. We take care of a language barrier.
  • Guarantees of refund if supplier does not meet the requirements agreed in your contract.
  • Shipping protection. We take care of the logistics and perform this service on a turnkey “door to door” basis.

What is Qoovee?

Qoovee.com is a global business marketplace where the wholesale product/service suppliers and buyers meet to trade and to build a network. Ahuge number of suppliers and buyers from more than 80 countries have already joined us! You can learn more about the Qoovee here.

I f you have any queries please feel free to contact us: support@qoovee.com