“Signed a contract with a wholesale buyer on Qoovee” – Review on Qoovee

On the trade platform of Qoovee.com, suppliers and wholesale buyers from different countries find each other and go for mutually beneficial agreements. And here is another success story about how a large wholesale buyer from Moscow and a garment supplier from the Kyrgyz Republic found each other and signed a contract.

Mrs. Aira, the founder of S&A  garment manufacturing factory, shared her feedback and story on how they found big wholesale buyers on the trade platform of Qoovee.com.

“Hi! My name is Aira. I am the founder of the garment production factory of S&A. We produce women’s clothing. 

I would like to share my review of the wholesale trade platform of Qoovee.com. We have registered on the platform and topped up our account balance. And found unique buyers, signed agreements with them. And even have sent the first batch of their orders The platform really has helped us. Thank you very much for such support and aid for local manufacturers like us.”

Watch the video of the review below (61 sec.). Note: Turn On English subtitles.

Wholesale buyers and customers of business services from different countries find suppliers and manufacturers of goods and providers of business services on the international B2B platform of Qoovee.com. Today, more than 23 000 suppliers are represented on Qoovee, and hundreds of thousands of buyers visit the platform in order to purchase goods in bulk and order services for their businesses.

It is worthy to note that suppliers can subscribe on Qoovee for free of charge and pay only according to the result. They do not pay for views, impressions or clicks. Sellers only pay for incoming inquiries from potential buyers and decide how much to pay per inquiry on their own, it means they set own bid.

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