Qoovee Company participated in “Development of e-commerce” conference in Moscow

President of Qoovee company, Turat Bulembayev, attended to the “Development of e-commerce” conference which was held on November 9,  at the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) . The conference was organized by the MCCI in cooperation with the Association of Internet Trade Companies (ACIT), the Russian Export Center, the Moscow Export Center with the support of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow.

Opening the conference, the president of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vladimir Platonov, noted that last year the segment of online trade grew by 16%, in 2017 it is expected to grow 18%. 8% of the total turnover of retail trade in Moscow accounted for purchases in the network.

According to the head of the Association of Internet Trade Companies Artem Sokolov, every second Internet user bought something online at least once. In Russia, more than 42 million people make Internet purchases, which makes the Russian market the leader in terms of online trade in Europe.

According to experts, the main trend in the development of e-commerce is the development of marketplaces, which today not only serve as aggregators, but are also ready to provide more advanced services (call center services, order processing, delivery). For example, the conversion of sales through the Allegro platform in Poland grew from 2% to more than 40%, that is, every second product is bought through one site. 3 players of online trade in India increased their stake from 3% to 70%, and  there are no examples of reverse development. Today it is already possible not to have a separate site for placing on the marketplace, but simply to provide a price list, certificates for products and goods to the delivery service. About 4.5 thousand stores in Russia have already switched to a model of marketplace. Today, the quality of client support comes to the first – before and after the sale – if the company simply resells the goods, it is unlikely to be able to withstand competition, experts say.

The conference was attended by representatives of such organizations and public authorities as:

– Min. Economy of the Russian Federation
– Post of Russia
– Yandex
– Qoovee
– VTB24 and others.