Qoovee has signed an agreement with the Government of Dubai

Qoovee.com became the first official e-trade platform in Dubai where Dubai’s companies will trade with the world.

Qoovee will contribute to the foreign trade of Dubai Emirate with other markets. Official cooperation with the Government of Dubai began on February 19.

The agreement was signed at the Dubai World Trade Center. The government of Dubai will actively attract the business of the Emirate to the Qoovee.com platform to enhance entering the international markets, as well as support the promotion of the platform in world markets.

In turn, Qoovee will actively develop trade with the Emirate and attract international trade players to do business with Dubai companies. This cooperation will allow establishing close trade relations on the platform of Qoovee.com not only with Dubai business but with the entire Middle East market.

The president of Qoovee, Mr. Bulembaev Turat, following the signing, stated:
“Signing an agreement with the Government of Dubai, represented by the Dubai Exports is a great recognition of our activities internationally and of course this is a big responsibility for us.
And twice as pleasant that we are the first trade platform with whom a formal agreement is concluded by the Government of Dubai. This decision is not accidental, we have been truly making enormous efforts to bring benefits to business and society in different countries. We will become even more efficient and powerful. Everyone will benefit from this cooperation. First of all, our customers and partners from around the world. “