Qoovee builds a bridge between the business of the CIS countries and the Middle East

The Qoovee management has agreed with the business community and government agencies of the UAE on mutual trade in goods and business services on the platform of  Qoovee.com  between UAE, the Middle East and CIS countries.

A number of meetings with the business community, representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Ministry of Economy, logistics companies of the UAE, etc.  has been held in the Emirates of Dubai and Fujairah.

Qoovee management achieved results and received full support from the parties in the UAE to start trading through the platform of  Qoovee.com at all meetings.

Parties from the UAE expressed interest in importing goods and services from the CIS and the EAEU, as well as their intention to increase the supply of goods and services from the UAE and the Middle East to the CIS and the EAEU markets. They consider Qoovee as a good opportunity to expand a mutual trade.

Also, the Arab side expressed its willing to provide full support to the promotion and development of Qoovee in the UAE and the Middle East market. And immediately put words into actions  by inviting the Qoovee’s management  to a meeting of international elite buyers (retail chains) and suppliers, where Qoovee was introduced to the business community of different countries.

Business community of the UAE also decided to participate actively in the Global Online Expo, which will be held in 2019. One of the main organizers of Global Online Expo is Qoovee.

The parties decided to develop in the near future a step-by-step instruction for suppliers of goods and services to enter the market of the Middle East and CIS countries. According to the management of Qoovee this will significantly simplify the  way of increasing a mutual trade.

Here you can find how to add your company, products and services to  Qoovee.com