“How we found regular wholesale customers on Qoovee.com” – supplier.

A clothing manufacturer and supplier from Kyrgyz Republic on how they found buyers on Qoovee and what they did for this.

We are Nazik Fashion LLC more than half a year ago registered on the Qoovee trade platform.

In the beginning it was something new and incomprehensible for us, but this is only at the beginning, then our client base began to expand. And somewhere in 2.5-3 months the first clients appeared. Of course, we ourselves had to work hard and write to our potential clients and do more professional photo sessions, communicate and propose, and it’s not at all easy.

But then clients appeared who began to take interest and ordered trial lots. At the moment, we have 4 partners (buyers) whom we found through Qoovee and we are already working with them constantly.

And of course we are satisfied and grateful to the Qoovee team!

Myrzakanova Z. Owner of Nazik Fashion LLC

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