Tools to run your business

We have prepared for you a collection of services that help start a business, even with a small starting capital or even from scratch. Services are divided into 3 main categories:

  • Market Research Services
  • Services for creating websites, logos, presentations
  • Services for business promotion

Market Research Services

Think With Google

This is a group of tools for marketers, where you can find trends in search queries, user behavior on the Internet, consumer demand, analytics and various statistics that are necessary for market research.

Yandex Wordstat

This is a service from Yandex, which allows getting detailed statistics of user interest on various topics, and stats on keywords, for example, you can find out how many people have searched for the last month “cafe nearby” in Moscow.

Google Trends

Google tool that shows trends according to search queries worldwide. There are no absolute numbers, but you can understand what is growing in demand, and what is falling in a particular country. You can check the seasonality of demand for a particular product or topic.

Keyword Planner

A tool from Google, that allows you to find keywords for your advertising, as well as find out the demand for a particular product or service. The keyword planner will show how many queries are there in your category and how much it will cost to attract users to your site.

Audience Insights

A tool from Facebook allows you to get detailed information about people: what they like, their marital status,  and what they are interested in. Audience statistics also include information about what products people may want to purchase and even show income levels, family size, and place of residence.

Services for creating websites, logos, presentations


Online service for creating logos and corporate identity elements. The process of creating a logo does not require any technical skills and allows everyone to create their own corporate identity be on a huge number of ready-made templates.


The service allows you to create images, logos, presentations, banners and many other graphics projects using a simple interface and a huge number of ready-made templates, icons, styles, and fonts.


A Site maker. More than 450 ready-made blocks for building your own website, online store or landing page (one-page site) and at the same time there are settings that allow you to create a site using your individual design.

Services for business promotion

Ads Manager

There is an advertising Ads Manager tool from Facebook, where anyone can run ads in popular social networks. During customization of the advertisement, you can choose your target audience by age, gender, interests, place of residence and other parameters. Launched ads displayed within the feed and story of users on Facebook and Instagram.


The business platform is a meeting place for suppliers and buyers worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of companies and entrepreneurs from more than 50 countries already conduct B2B trade and promote business services within Qoovee. You can create your own online store for selling goods in bulk or a website for promoting services you offer in 3 steps without a programming background.

The services which make Qoovee strong are: a multi-thousand business audience that comes to the platform to explore suppliers, customers, and partners; as well as protection of deals between the seller and the buyer, which allows not to worry about the safety of payment and delivery.

Yandex Direct

The Yandex search engine has a strong position in Russia and some CIS countries, where it competes with Google and half of the population of Russia are looking for information, products, and services through this search engine. If you want to promote your business in CIS, particularly in Russia, this tool will work for you.

Youtube Advertising

The most popular video resource of the world, where 1.5 billion people “absorb” video content every month. You can run ads on Youtube and show your videos to people from all over the world or show only to people from your city. You can customize your target audience and start advertising using the Youtube Advertising tool. You pay only for the views.

Google Ads

The tool for creating ads on Google allows you to run contextual (advertising as text in the search results) and display advertising (advertising in the form of banners on the pages of partner sites). Customization of advertising is possible by keywords, geography, and other parameters.