Qoovee Safe – deal protection. Delivery and payment guarantee. Escrow.

  • Have you ever had a case when you sent the products without prepayment and did not receive money, or did not receive the rest of the prepayment?
  • Or when you sent money for the products, but did not receive them?
  • Or when the deal fell through because of such concerns?

The Qoovee.com B2B Marketplace solves the problem of mistrust between the buyer and the supplier and reduces the risks to a minimum. Qoovee acts as the guarantor of the deal.

Qoovee Safe  is a service for protecting deals between a buyer and a supplier of products and services around the world. It is developed to allow the supplier and the buyer to trust each other and resolve difficulties in case of disputes on payments, delivery and product quality.

The buyer is guaranteed on time delivery of the products and the appropriate quality, which is mentioned in agreement with the supplier.

If the quality of the product or the date of delivery is different from what you and the supplier agreed in Qoovee Safe, we will help you find the best solution for all parties or refund your money.
The supplier is guaranteed 100% payment upon completion of the delivery and the terms of the deal, since 100% prepayment will be on the Qoovee transit account.

How does Qoovee guarantee safe deals?



When and in which cases the  “Deal Protection” service is required?

  • If you want to order a product / service from suppliers on  Qoovee.com or other trading platforms, if you need a guarantee that a supplier will  deliver products/ service of the required quality, on time and that you can refund your money in a case if supplier wont fulfill its obligations


  • If you want to order a product / service in an online store, instagram, vkontakte and other social networks


  • If you want to sell a product / service on Qoovee.com or other platforms, and the buyer is afraid to make an advance payment to you. With Qoovee Safe, the buyer will make you a 100% advance payment. In this case, you are sure that the buyer paid you money and the buyer is sure that you will deliver him the right product / service


What are the commissions charged by the Qoovee platform for providing deal protection services?    



What is Qoovee?

QOOVEE.COM is a global ecommerce platform for business. A meeting place for suppliers and buyers. We are working with hundreds of thousands of suppliers and buyers of products and services from more than 80 countries.

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