How a young business lady from Uzbekistan reached exports through the

Dildora from Uzbekistan (wholesale supplier of covers for shoes, blankets, and pillows) is about how they found wholesale buyers on the wholesale trade platform for business of

“I would like to express my thanks to Qoovee for providing an opportunity to expand my business and enter the Russian market. I learned about this company from a friend of mine who also found potential clients for himself on Qoovee. He suggested me to get in touch with Qoovee representative in Uzbekistan. I did so, got information, discussed all the details, learned how to enter the markets. I signed up, found customers and now even I have a deal with a payment stage. Thank you very much for building such an infrastructure for us, young entrepreneurs who want to stand on their own two feet. ”

Note: Turn on English subtitles on the video 

Suppliers from different countries discover wholesale buyers and customers of business services on the international B2B marketplace of, To date, there are more than 22 000 suppliers and hundreds of thousands of buyers who visit the platform in order to purchase products in bulk and services for their business.

It is worthy to note that suppliers can subscribe on Qoovee for free of charge and pay only according to the result. They do not pay for views, impressions or clicks. Sellers only pay for incoming inquiries from potential buyers and decide how much to pay per inquiry on their own, it means they set their bid. Suppliers from Uzbekistan can top up their balances for promotion through Payme and Click, as well as by bank transfer to the Uzbek bank account of the platform.

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To make your items to be among top products and with a high priority availability for buyers on the platform, use the “Pay for the result” system. You pay only for inquiries, not for views or clicks. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your company’s dashboard, if you do not have a company on Qoovee, please register.
  2. Click on the “Update/ Top-Up” button  in your company’s dashboard
  3. Set your bid per customer’s inquiry and top up your balance

Start your promotion on Qoovee right now and pay only for the result!

Watch the video about how it works (40 sec.)