Promotion on Qoovee. Pay only on results

There are inquiries from customers – you pay. There are no inquiries – any way you promote for free.

  • On the business platform of, you promote your business while not paying for subscription, impressions or clicks. You pay only after you get an inquiry from a potential client, and if a potential client requests your contact details. Moreover, You Decide how much to pay per client’s inquiries.
  • Also, You can get access to high-profile and verified orders for a fixed cost which can be written off from your balance.
  • An important advantage is that  the Qoovee platform is mainly visited by wholesale buyers, customers of business services, it means that the audience on Qoovee is wholesalers, business communities, private entrepreneurs from more than 50 countries of the world.

The story of how the promotion on Qoovee helped the supplier to conduct a big deal.

For example, you set a price as 2$ per an inquiry, then top up your balance for 100$ and start promoting. As a result of the promotion, one client sends you an inquiry, another text you a message in the chat or opens your contact details – in these cases, the amount on your balance will be deducted by 2$ per inquiry.

If a customer visits your store, review your products and services, but does not leave a request or message, then you do not pay anything. Money is on your balance and will be spent from there only in case you get requests from potential customers.

How it works?

  1. You add your company, services, and products on
  2. You set a rate for how much you are willing to pay for 1 inquiry from potential customers
  3. Recharge your balance (at least for $ 100)
  4. Your products and services will start to be promoted in the catalog, in search results and other places on Qoovee with higher priority than of those companies, that did not recharge the balance for promotion or those who set the rate for customer’s inquiries below your rate.
  5. You get inquiries, requests from potential buyers and fees are charged off from your balance only upon receipt of inquiries and requests.

This is what President of Qoovee, Bulembaev Turat, says about this promotion system on

“It’s been a long route to get here: since initially, we wanted to build an honest and fair system of commercial relations between us and our clients. We have done researches, polls, studies and eventually this system was launched, where suppliers’ goods and services are promoted in the TOP positions in the search results, in the product/service feed and in the supplier catalog within Qoovee. In this case, they do not have to pay either for impressions, nor for clicks, nor for views (except for viewing contacts). Suppliers pay only for inquiries and requests from potential customers. Honest and fair.”

Start your promotion on Qoovee today – pay only for the result!