How to reach 50 000 wholesale buyers?

It is profitable to be promoted together! This is exactly the principle of the “Top 50 Suppliers” catalog.

On the B2B Marketplace, as part of the  Global Online Expo – World Online Exhibition, the selection of suppliers has been started to be included in the Top 50 supplier catalogs in different sectors. For example, the top 50 suppliers of children’s clothing. In addition, these catalogs are actively promoted on various platforms to attract target audience.

3 key benefits for members of the top 50 supplier catalogs:

  • At least guaranteed 50 000 wholesale buyers will visit the “Top 50 suppliers” catalog
  • $ 200 will be added to your Qoovee account balance, and money is deducted from your balance only once if you get inquiries from potential customers, and YOU determine how much to pay will per customers’ inquiry. This is NOT an additional payment. The tariff/ rate you set should be at least $ 1 per an inquiry. The higher the tariff you give, the higher you will be promoted. More about
  • Access to buyers’ requests a few days before your competitors with insufficient balance

To sum up, 50 000 visitors will be attracted to the general catalog, the catalog membership fee will be added to your Qoovee Account balance. Your balance will only be deducted if you get inquiries from customers. And access to buyers’ requests is provided a few days before your competitors.

Apply to join the catalogs as a supplier

How will wholesale buyers be attracted?

  • Bulletins/Newsletters will be regularly sent among the target customer base on the Qoovee B2B Marketplace.
  • Advertising on Global Online Expo
  • Target Instagram stores with a large number of followers are been attracted
  • Advertising on the Internet
  • Business associations and government entities. The TOP 50 catalog will actively promoted by business associations, gov. agencies  and other associations that are in charge of the business development and trade in their countries.
  • Through a network of agents and partners. Qoovee has an extensive network of agents and partners, that provide paid services of actively attracting wholesale customers.

Apply to join the catalogs as a supplier