How to become a Qoovee Representative? Benefits and opportunities

Modern and in-demand business on a turn-key basis. Become an official Qoovee Representative in your region. is a global B2B Marketplace. A meeting place for buyers and suppliers of products and services. Today, the number of registered suppliers on Qoovee is over 27 500 companies from over 100 countries. Tens of thousands of wholesale buyers visit the platform every month. It started the journey in 2016. Read more about Qoovee products and services here.

Main markets of Qoovee:

  • Russia and CIS
  • Turkey and the Middle East
  • India and South Asia

Accomplishments of Qoovee

  • More than 27 500 registered suppliers from 80 countries on the platform
  • Tens of thousands visits by wholesale buyers per month
  • A customer base of over 1 million wholesalers and suppliers
  • Qoovee holds leading positions in Google and Yandex for various key queries in the field of wholesale trade and business services
  • Various Government and private bodies, large business structures of different countries actively support Qoovee
  • Qoovee audience is growing in different directions at least by 20% per month

Why it is beneficial to cooperate with us?

  • A ready and constantly evolving e – trade platform for business.
  • You don’t just attract new customers yourself. Qoovee also helps you promote and provides clients from its growing base
  • Your customers go international with Qoovee
  • On Qoovee, customers pay only for the result
  • Growing customer base, well-known Qoovee brand and rich company history
  • Qoovee operates in the B2B sector (business audience) – a highly profitable sector and a solvent audience
  • Qoovee has an entry to a large market with little competition
  • With the help of Qoovee solutions, you unite and help develop the business and economy of your country, thereby making a great contribution to the development of society. Such a mission willingly receives support from society and the state.

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How does a Qoovee Representative earn?

  1. From Qoovee’s package of services. Suppliers top up the balance from $ 25 in order to promote on Qoovee. Money is debited from their balance upon receipt of applications and requests from potential customers. Providers do not pay for the promotion to the top, clicks and views. They pay only for the result and at the same time choose the amount of payment themselves. Learn more about how promotion works on Qoovee here. The representative receives a commission from the replenishment of the balance of his clients.
  2. From  deals between suppliers and buyers. Qoovee acts as a guarantor of the transaction for the supplier and the customer if payment for the goods is made through the platform. The representative receives a commission on the amount of the transaction if this transaction is made by the clients he attracted or the clients provided by Qoovee
  3. From logistics and cargo transportation. Qoovee has its own logistics service Qoovee Logistics and, in fact, is the central dispatcher for many trusted logistics companies from around the world and provides them with the volume of orders for cargo transportation, and is also a guarantor of payment. A Qoovee representative receives a commission on the amount of cargo transportation if this transportation is performed by the customers attracted by him or customers provided by Qoovee

The main tasks of the Qoovee Representative

  • Represent the interests of Qoovee in your region
  • Attract suppliers and customers from your region in a specific industry
  • Undergo training with representatives of the parent company Qoovee
  • Create a team of managers and organize their work
  • Promote and sell Qoovee services using different online / offline promotion tools
  • Develop an agent network that will increase sales

Partner remuneration is discussed individually in personal communication

How to become our Dealer :

It is necessary to meet requirements:

  • The experience of creating your business or the experience of the director of sales department
  • Legal entity(Ltd, Individual entrepreneur)


  • Registration of the application
  • Acquaintance, interview
  • Business plan approval for at least one year
  • Taking a training course for a Representative
  • Passing certification
  • Trial period 1-2 months
  • Conclusion of a Cooperation Agreement and provision of a License

Become a part of our global family and participate actively in the mission “Connect business and countries”
Become a Qoovee representative and get a turnkey business.

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