How to become a Qoovee Dealer? Advantages and opportunities

Modern and in-demand business on a turn-key basis. Become an official Qoovee dealer in your region. is a global e-commerce B2B platform for wholesale trade and business services with company catalogs of each country. A meeting place for buyers and suppliers of products and services , and a united B2B platform particularly of Russia, the CIS, Asia, Europe and other regions of the world.

To date, the supplier database of Qoovee has more than 18.400 companies from 80 countries. Tens of thousands of wholesale buyers visit the site everyday. Find out more about Qoovee products and services here: What is Advantages and Benefits

Outcomes and achievements of Qoovee

  • There are more than 18.400 supplier companies from 80 countries on the platform
  • Tens of thousands of wholesale buyers and customers visit the site every month
  • Over 1,100 tenders have been created on the Qoovee platform
  • Qoovee takes leading positions in Google and Yandex, for such key queries as: the manufacturer database, the supplier database, the CIS Trading Platform (EAEU), etc.
  • Qoovee has become a trusted member of the international payment system
  • Ministry of Commerce of the PRC published news about
  • Qoovee and the ministers of the EAEU countries discuss the development of e-commerce together

Why it is beneficial to cooperate with us?

  • Our field is  e-commerce – the fastest growing field in the economy of many countries worldwide
  • We work in B2B sector (business sells to business) – highly profitable sector and solvent audience
  • We develop up-to-date products and services that are in demand in the market and the demand for them is rapidly growing
  • You get a ready-made business “on a turn-key basis” with minimal investments
  • High-profit business. Our dealers and agents receive up to 50% of turnover
  • We are interested in your success. Therefore, we provide training for dealers and agents in sales, marketing, business management, etc. Besides, we  provide constant technical and business support
  • We constantly leverage our products and control the quality
  • You become a part of the global Qoovee network. Promotion of the brand and products takes place in different countries of the world ,which increases company awareness
  • Your customers can use Qoovee to export, import and trade within your region as well
  • You do not need to deal with the client technical support
  • No need to maintain a programming team
  • You do not need to keep a warehouse, a large office space, rent retail space, buy goods, carry out logistics, as in traditional business
  • Our product does not spoil, expire and may be sold 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without physical participation – online
  • You get ready history of the company, ready brand and product
  • Qoovee Business grows even in a stagnant market
  • You minimize risks working with us. We have ready products and services. Ready sales and promotion system. The business processes are adjusted, instructions are written. You do not need to create it all from scratch, as in a usual business
  • Qoovee solutions lead you to unite and assist in developing the business and economy of your country, thereby making a great contribution to the development of society. Such a mission definitely gets support from society and the government

What does dealer sell?

The dealer and his/her team sell Qoovee service packages, which include:

  • Wholesale online store
  • Placement on the suppliers catalog
  • Placement on the products catalog
  • Advertisement

Advantages of taking a place on for the supplier:

  • Constantly growing traffic on the site: tens of thousands of wholesaler customers per month
  • Ready online store with many functions
  • Ready SEO optimization (to attract visitors from Yandex and Google)
  • Placement in the suppliers catalog of Russia, CIS and the World
  • Participation in the commercial tenders
  • Search for partners, dealers and sales representatives in different regions of Russia, CIS and the world
  • Access to the supplier database
  • Customer support and much more

Dealer tasks

  • Recruit sales managers and organize their work
  • Sell Qoovee service packages using a variety of online / offline promotion tools
  • To get training from representatives of the main offıce of Qoovee company
  • Represent the interests of the company in your region

Ways to promote the paid Qoovee packages

Offline promotion

  • Telemarketing
  • Active sales
  • Meetings, negotiations
  • Participation in exhibitions
  • Participation in thematic events, where the target client base gather (business conferences, seminars, etc.)
  • Membership in associations, clubs, unions, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, associations, etc.
  • Producing of united service packages with Partners (non-competing companies operating in the B2B segment can offer Qoovee packages to their customers in addition to their services)
  • And many other ways, about which ,we will tell personally

Online promotion

  • Contextual advertising on Google and Yandex
  • Advertising in social. networks Facebook, VK, etc.
  • Email marketing
  • Advertising on thematic sites, platforms
  • Participation in thematic events, where the target client base gather (business conferences, seminars, etc.)
  • Webinars
  • And other ways about which we will tell in personally

Dealer’s revenue

  • 50% from the cost of the sold package of services to new customers
  • 30% from repeat sales
  • Additional bonuses according to the results of each month

The partnership scheme

A dealer concludes an agreement with the client and sends it to the Qoovee maintenance department of the existing customers. Payments on concluded agreements are trasfered once a week by bank. By the end of the month, additional bonuses for achieving planned results are possible.

How much can a Qoovee dealer earn?

The example below shows the presence of 3 managers at the dealer who are actively selling. Thanks to the system of recruiting managers, which exists in Qoovee, the Dealer can constantly expand the number of managers. And the Dealer’s earnings can be higher accordingly.

  • Offline promotion

  • Online promotion

What dealer gets?

  •  business “on a turn-key basis” :
  • Online training, methodical materials, webinars
  • Meetings of dealers in different cities of the World (conferences, parties)
  • A personal manager who is responsible for your success and helps you on all matters
  • The right to use the Qoovee logo
  • Fully described business processes and successful actions that lead to results
  • Access to a special CRM-system for simplification of business
  • Marketing support, development of advertising materials for your needs and activities

How to become our Dealer :

It is necessary to meet requirements:

  • The experience of creating your business or the experience of the director of sales department
  • Legal entity(Ltd, Individual entrepreneur)


  • Application form
  • Acquaintance, interview
  • Coordination of the business plan for at least one year
  • Taking training course for Dealers
  • Attestation
  • Conclusion of the Cooperation Agreement

The period from the submission of an application to the conclusion of a contract is on average 3-4 weeks

Apply for an official Qoovee dealership