“We found wholesale buyers on Qoovee.com during the quarantine ” – businessmen
It is possible to find customers from other countries only online  when offline promotion is almost stopped. Qoovee.com has been
Requests for quotation and tenders on Qoovee
On the Qoovee.com B2B marketplace, large companies, SMEs, individual entrepreneurs make their procurements and hold tenders for their businesses. The buyer can
Dropshipping suppliers from all over the world. Catalog 2020.
On Qoovee.com wholesale trading platform, there are suppliers from different countries in different categories and sectors. Many suppliers operating in
How to export online to Russia and CIS countries?
Stick around, Did you know that there are 8 million monthly requests on internet for wholesale purchases in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and
“Mountains are hills for us. Long distances are one step” Qoovee turned 4 years!
Greetings! Today we are celebrating the 4th anniversary of our company, or rather our platform Qoovee.com We launched the first version of
How a major buyer from the UAE found suppliers on Qoovee
The B2B marketplace of  Qoovee.com continues to actively connect businesses and countries even in difficult times and we are proud of another success
How a supplier from Central Asia reached exports to UAE
The B2B marketplace of  Qoovee.com continues to actively connect businesses and countries even in difficult times and we are proud of
Online exhibitions. Or the Great Transformation of Business
The 2020 pandemic and crisis accelerated the process of transforming businesses to online. Offline fairs and EXPOs have been canceled around the
“We won’t let anyone break us. Speak out loudly about yourself”- message from the founder of Qoovee
Greetings! I want to address you specially. I don’t want to talk about problems. I know you probably already have
Forbes: The Business world holds the World Online Exhibition
Forbes Kazakhstan magazine published material about the Global Online Expo. Here are some excerpts: “As the coronavirus pandemic brings the